Founded in 2009, M1-K9 is located in Huntington Beach California.  At M1-K9 the mission is simple:  To offer a quality product at a fair price in the tradition of our nations military.  Our creed "Power, Discipline, Excellence" is both an ideology of our armed forces, as well as our mindset when it comes to large breed dogs.  Here at M1-K9 we support high levels of training and obedience and would hope that the K9's who wear our collar be an illustration of such values.

Al Pozzolini

M1-K9 Company

M1-K9 Collars are big dog collars made of high quality pistol belt webbing and blackened brass eyelets.  These collars are virtually indestructible, and when they do get a little beat up...they look even better! - M1-K9 Collars

"Jack" and "Betty" featured in the photo above, have been wearing their M1-K9 Collars for about three years now.  Though they don't wear them 24 hours a day, they still look great after 3 years of wear.  The quick release buckle makes it easy to put on and take off the collars before and after every outing in the field.  Though the detachable pouch is intended to store the included four foot leash, most of the time it's used to store plastic bags for the occasional unexpected "class one download" at the park or beach.  The carabiner really comes in handy too when I walk the dogs to the corner market...I never have to take them off the leash to hook em' up to the bike rack when I'm going in the store.  *Five Stars!
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