Here are a few members of the M1-K9 family.  This page is a bit of a work in progress, but feel free to send us your photos and we will be happy to add your images to our collection.   You can also be sure to like us on Facebook and share your photo's there.  One of the best things about the dogs we all love, is how damn cool they look when they do what they do.  Especially when they are wearing an M1-K9 Collar.  Somehow the K9 has an ability to strike the pose that allows them not to need the ability to speak.  The body language alone shows the dogs emotion and thoughts, it's pretty amazing really.  You can e-mail your photos to sales@m1-k9.com and we will gladly posts them.  Your dogs are our honor. 

"Power, Discipline, Excellence" - M1-K9 Collars!















                                                                 Our original M1-K9's "Jack" and "Betty" 
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