M1-K9 Collars are a great product for pet stores, Army Navy stores, and outdoor sporting stores.  Half of Americans are dog owners, and the most popular breeds are Labradors, German Shepherds, and Pit bulls.  These are the dogs that Rock M1-K9 Collars!  To be fair, all big dogs look awesome in M1-K9 Collars, so let’s not forget about the Great Danes, American Bulldogs, Dobermans, Mastiffs, Belgium Mals, and the ever so loved big mixed breeds!

  Let’s face it though, dog don’t buy dog collars, dog owners buy dog collars.  78% of Americans support our Military, and M1-K9 Collars are “A Salute to our Great Nations Military Soldiers and the Dogs that help them in their Mission!”  So, for the Patriotic dog owner that shops in your store, M1-K9 Collars are a great product!  For stores near Military bases, this is a must have product.

For Army Navy stores, most have military dog tag machines.  A custom Military dog tag is a great upsell!  For pet stores and outdoor sporting stores, M1-K9 Collars are just a great deal and original product.  To get a designer collar, matching leash and utility pouch for $30-$40 bucks, you really can’t beat it!  Customers that have never seen an M1-K9 Collars often say things like “Honey, we need this!”  We love hearing stuff like that, and you will too!


To receive your stores wholesale coupon code just contact us by e-mail at Sales@M1-K9.com or just give us a call at 888-312-2752.  Already have your code?  Just add your products to your shopping cart and use your stores coupon code at checkout for wholesale pricing.  Prices include shipping!

Each M1-K9 Collar comes ready to sell with a barcoded hang tag.
Just like online, each collar comes with it's own standard military issue dog tag embossed with the collars specifications, five foot leash, and detatchable utility pouch.  Each collar is shipped as seen below in it's own ziplock as well.  Here at M1-K9 Collars we take pride in our product.  When you recieve your new M1-K9 Collars, just take them out of the ziplock bag and hang them on your display wall.  
Happy Selling!


Products ship in 1-3 business days Priority Mail from the United States Post Office with Tracking and Insurance.  Track your order at USPS.com
Questions?  Call us today at 1-888-312-2752 or e-mail us at Sales@M1-K9.com
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